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YIE provides PS operation, maintenance and enhancement services for well-known joint venture car manufacturers


This operation and maintenance service ensures the normal operation of the customer's financial system, providing a solid guarantee for the financial department's various business operations and financial statement generation.

Customized ERP system for well-known domestic automobile manufacturers


Adopting the OracleEBS e-commerce suite, the integration of automotive vehicle BOM, planning, procurement, warehouse, workshop production, and finance was achieved within six months from research to successful launch of the project, pioneering the rapid implementation of OracleERP.

YIECustomizes<Smart Transport Vehicle Project>for Famous Joint Venture Automobile Manufacturers


Solve user travel problems, practice the concept of green travel, and alleviate urban traffic congestion

YIE Customizes the Sample Vehicle and Parts Management System for Famous Domestic Automobile Manufacturers


Realize the full lifecycle management of new energy development sample application, sample procurement, sample inventory, sample requisition, sample return, sample scrap, etc.

Customized MES system for well-known automobile manufacturers in Chongqing


Realize real-time tracking and management of the production process, integration of production equipment and systems, automatic data collection, and automatic execution of equipment according to system instructions.

Customized DMS system for well-known automobile manufacturers in Chongqing


This DMS system achieves accessory inventory management, procurement management, sales management, fund management, shipping management, central warehouse management, secondary distribution management, etc.

Yi'e Customizes the<Live Release Product Mini Program>for Famous Joint Venture Automobile Manufacturers


Implement functions such as enterprise product promotion live streaming information release, video playback, retention information management, and one-on-one video consultation

Yi'e Customized for Changan Ford<Jidou Cloud Project>


The Alibaba Middle Platform Solution is primarily an effective solution for integrating and utilizing various types of data as important assets of enterprises after the future information data explosion. The Middle Platform Strategy focuses more on the integration of business and technology, while organizing business to achieve data sharing, enabling enterprises to adapt to complex and ever-changing business scenarios, and improving their survival and profitability.
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