YIE Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Solution


In the era of Industry 4.0, the global economy has entered the New Normal, and the process of Digital transformation has accelerated. Enterprises are facing tremendous pressure from transformation and upgrading, and they urgently need solutions to improve management efficiency and control management costs. Yi'e Intelligent Manufacturing Solution helps manufacturing enterprises continuously improve digital processes, seize and manage business opportunities, prevent problems, optimize operational time, break free from space constraints, completely transform the value chain, and reshape the core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises!

Enterprise Intelligent Transportation Vehicle Solution


We have closely collaborated with Tencent Enterprise WeChat to develop a fully functional intelligent transportation vehicle software system.

ERP Enterprise Management Solution


Implementing an ERP system can enable standardized execution of enterprise business (i.e. executable) and improve enterprise efficiency (i.e. efficiency improvement).

MES Production Management Solution


Build a data query and analysis system to facilitate remote monitoring of workshop production by leadership and management departments.
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