May Day holiday arrangements

May Day holiday arrangements


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Niche topic: predicting and preventing catastrophic events from the perspective of event probability

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The "Top Ten Application Scenarios" of Artificial Intelligence in Chongqing have been released, and these are available in Liangjiang New Area

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau introduced that the top ten application scenarios are new incubation platforms to promote innovative applications, new experimental spaces to change public lifestyles, and new ecological carriers to promote industrial development.


These enterprises are becoming the "vampires" of the Chinese economy!

Subsequently, Midea Group once again emphasized that payment to suppliers has achieved digital automatic scheduling, and the payment cycle to suppliers is also better than the industry level.


Discussion on the Function and Development of Automotive ABS

During the driving process of a car, it is inevitable to encounter various driving conditions, such as driving on urban roads and often encountering intersections. At this time, the driver needs to brake or even stop according to the traffic signal lights. In addition, when encountering sudden deceleration or merging vehicles entering the front, braking is necessary. Of course, when driving on highway sections and encountering steep downhills, appropriate braking operations should also be taken. So for cars, it is very necessary to have a safe, stable, and well controlled braking system. The braking system of a car, also known as the braking system, is in its working state


The car's ABS malfunction light is on, is its brake still working? Can the car still drive at this time?

ABS is the English abbreviation for automotive anti lock braking system, which is developed on the basis of conventional braking devices. Its function is to automatically control the amount of braking force on the wheels during car braking, so that the wheels are not locked and are in a rolling and sliding state (with a slip rate of about 20%), to ensure that the adhesion between the wheels and the ground is at its maximum value, and to maintain a certain steering ability of the steering wheels to avoid obstacles.


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