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YIE Customizes the Sample Vehicle and Parts Management System for Famous Domestic Automobile Manufacturers

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The customer is a member of the four major Chinese automobile groups, with a history of 159 years and 37 years of car manufacturing accumulation. There are 14 production bases and 33 complete vehicle, engine, and transmission factories worldwide.    
The Yi'e technical team customized the sample management system for customers based on their sample management needs. Through system integration, complete the full lifecycle management of the sample vehicle, and connect data transmission between SRM, CMP, ERP and the sample vehicle/component system. Implement the business management of sample vehicles/parts/prototypes from monthly planning, physical requisition, logistics transportation, expense reimbursement, process use, and final price reduction and scrapping, improve the collaborative work efficiency of various departments and the accuracy of sample vehicle and parts management, greatly improve work efficiency, achieve simplified business processes, and further improve operational production efficiency.
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Customized sample vehicle and component management system for well-known domestic joint venture automobile manufacturers.

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