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Case Overview
The user is a well-known online education institution, and Yiyi Technology has customized this management system for them, achieving online education resource management and forming an enterprise online education training knowledge base.
Case Details
Implementation background: The online education platform is a software system that supports online teaching and learning activities. Entering the information age of the 21st century, modern distance education marked by online education stands out in the information age. Online education is a new form of education that applies modern information technology to educational production.
The key to implementing network education is to create a network environment that can promote learners' active learning, and learners' learning activities in the network teaching environment can not be separated from the network education platform.
Functional modules: real-time teaching by teachers, autonomous learning by students, online exams, interactive communication, educational resource library, evaluation feedback, etc.
Development technology: database technology, multimedia courseware production technology, audio and video compression coding technology, video conference technology, IP information publishing technology, etc.

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