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YIE provides PS operation, maintenance and enhancement services for well-known joint venture car manufacturers

Case Overview
The customer is a well-known domestic joint venture automobile manufacturer, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The company currently employs 186000 people worldwide. Our client has been cooperating with us for many years, and we have successfully implemented multiple management software customized and developed for them, which has earned their praise and trust. Based on this, the customer has chosen our system operation and maintenance service to provide year-round uninterrupted operation and function enhancement services for the PeopleSoft system used by their finance department.
This operation and maintenance service ensures the normal operation of the customer's financial system, providing a solid guarantee for the financial department's various business operations and financial statement generation; Provide system support for customers' accounts payable, and cooperate with the supplier platform to facilitate supplier query and reconciliation; Provide system support for customer sales invoicing, integrate with upstream and downstream systems through interfaces, and transmit and process business data from upstream and downstream systems; Automatically perform business operations such as adding, transferring, impairing, scrapping, and reusing assets according to customer rules, and generate accounting entries and vouchers; Transfer data from each sub module to the general ledger and regularly transfer customer general ledger data to the customer headquarters system.

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