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Customized MES system for well-known automobile manufacturers in Chongqing

Case Overview
The customer is a well-known automobile manufacturer in Chongqing, mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of Chang'an light and heavy truck, minibuses, special purpose vehicles and new energy vehicles. The asset scale exceeds 3.5 billion yuan, covers an area of over 1000 acres, and currently employs more than 3300 people. It provides over 6000 job positions for the main engine factory and surrounding supporting enterprises.
The Yiyi technical team customized this MES system based on customer production management needs, achieving real-time tracking and management of the production process, integration of production equipment and systems, automatic data collection, and automatic execution of QMS quality management system by equipment according to system instructions. Main implementation content: achieving real-time tracking and management of the production process, integrating production equipment with the system, achieving automatic data collection and automatic execution of equipment according to system instructions. Since 2014, according to the changes in production management needs of enterprises, it has been applied to the management of multiple different vehicle models in enterprises, achieving synchronous upgrading of production management with dealers and informatization.
Case Details

Features: (1) Adopting a powerful data collection engine and integrating data collection channels (RFID, barcode devices, PLC, Sensor, IPC, PC, etc.) to cover the entire factory manufacturing site, ensuring real-time, accurate, and comprehensive collection of massive on-site data; (2) Build a basic platform for data collection in the factory production management system, with good scalability; (3) Adopting advanced RFID, barcode, and mobile computing technology to create a closed-loop barcode system from raw material supply, production, and sales logistics; (4) Comprehensive and complete product tracking and traceability function; (5) Monitoring of production WIP status; (6) Just In Time inventory management and signage management; (7) Real time, comprehensive, and accurate performance and quality analysis SPC; (8) Developed on the Microsoft. NET platform, supporting mainstream databases such as Oracle/SQL Server. The system combines C/S structure and B/S structure, making it easy to install and upgrade; (9) A personalized factory information portal that allows real-time information on production sites to be accessed anytime and anywhere through a web browser; (10) A strong MES technical team ensures rapid implementation and reduces project risks;



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