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Customized development - Enterprise WeChat application

Develop a series of applications in enterprise WeChat, such as transportation vehicles, official vehicles, catering centers, visitor centers, etc.



Enterprise WeChat is a new office collaboration platform launched by Tencent, providing employees with the most basic and practical office services through a consistent communication experience with WeChat. At the same time, as a development platform, Enterprise WeChat allows enterprises to develop and customize their own enterprise applications as needed and integrate them onto Enterprise WeChat. The anti lock brake system is abbreviated as ABS. The function is to automatically control the braking force of the brake when the car brakes, so that the wheels are not locked and are in a rolling and sliding state (with a slip rate of about 20%), to ensure that the adhesion between the wheels and the ground is at its maximum value.
The Yie Technology team can design and customize a series of application systems tailored to the needs of the enterprise, such as transportation vehicles, official vehicles, restaurant centers, visitor centers, etc., to be applied to enterprise WeChat.



Enterprise WeChat Application Project
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