ERP Enterprise Management Solution


Overview of the plan
The ERP enterprise management system is a management platform established on the basis of information technology that provides decision-making and operational means for enterprises and employees with systematic management ideas. ERP is not only a software, but also a management concept. It realizes the integration of internal resources and external resources related to the enterprise. Through software, the enterprise's people, finance, goods, production, supply and marketing, and corresponding logistics, information flow, capital flow, management flow, value-added flow, etc. are closely integrated to achieve resource optimization and sharing. Assist enterprises in achieving centralized control of online+offline, internal+external, and group+branch businesses, system interconnection, information sharing and collaboration, and meet the management needs of core businesses in the continuous development and changes of the industry and enterprises.
Core functional architecture of the solution

Program Value
To comprehensively balance and optimize the management of comprehensive resources such as human, financial, material, information, time, and space owned by the enterprise;
Conducting business activities around market orientation has improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise and enabled it to achieve the best economic benefits;
Integrate the previously scattered data from various corners of the enterprise to ensure consistency and improve accuracy;
In an integrated environment, the information generated within the enterprise can be obtained and applied anywhere in the enterprise through the system;
Make some horizontal connections in performance management effective and close, thereby improving and optimizing performance management;
Through the coordination of the ERP system, the enterprise is closely integrated with raw material suppliers, increasing its ability to change the market.


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