Enterprise Intelligent Transportation Vehicle Solution

Overview of the plan
Transportation vehicles are employee benefits that every company is equipped with, and vehicle management and scheduling coordination are also challenges that every company faces. In September 2017, we conducted a survey on corporate transportation vehicles and found that their data transmission was slow, their accuracy was not high, and they were unable to monitor the real-time status of vehicles and passengers, resulting in high maintenance costs and long maintenance times. To address the above issues, we have developed a fully functional intelligent transportation vehicle software system through close cooperation with Tencent Enterprise WeChat. The system utilizes a mobile design to fix all information of transportation vehicles in the cloud, intelligently accessing passenger, driver, and other information. The driver scans to select the running route and determine the station, while the employee scans to view real-time line conditions and optimize the selection of boarding. By replacing hardware collection with mobile intelligent collection, data transmission omissions are eliminated. While improving efficiency and reducing costs, it can also be applied to the mobile management of transportation vehicles in different scenarios such as school buses and corporate buses. This achieves standardized management for enterprises, promotes resource integration under big data, and truly achieves enterprise information sharing and resource sharing between drivers and vehicles
Core technology and innovation of the plan
1. The system adopts a B/S structure to achieve comprehensive real-time collaboration.
2. Users check in and record their travel information through the mobile scanning system QR code.
3. Determine the effectiveness of vehicle operation and calculate service expenses through user check-in records.
4. Calculate vehicle occupancy rates and adjust service expenses.
5. Interact data with enterprise WeChat to obtain user information.
6. Call the enterprise WeChat SDK, locate user location information, identify system QR codes, etc.
Core functions of the plan

Program Value


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