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Junergy Automotive Single Channel ABS Product (JN111)

Single channel ABS product (JN111): This is an ABS product developed by Juneng Company in 1997. Previously, the company's engineers had developed 2-channel and 4-channel ABS products, but due to difficulties in installing gear rings, they were unable to open the market. Single channel ABS does not require the installation of gear rings. It uses the passive large gears of the car differential to calculate the rear wheel speed, solving the problem of side slip and tail spin caused by the car's rear wheel locking. In the early days when the domestic ABS market could not be opened, installing gear rings on wheels was a very difficult task, which restricted the application of ABS. The feature of single channel ABS that does not require the installation of gear rings adapted to the market conditions at that time. From 2001 to 2003, this product was widely used in the Second Automobile Dongfeng truck and Yangzhou Yaxing bus, gradually opening up the domestic ABS market. The ECU and air pressure regulator of a single channel ABS are combined to form an ABS assembly.