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Energy gathering and vehicle yaw module Yaw module

The yaw module is installed at the center of mass of the vehicle, so it is also known as the "center of mass module". It is an important component of the Electronic Stability Control System (ESC), providing ESC with yaw rate (yaw rate), lateral and longitudinal acceleration data.    

Energy gathering and automotive electronics research and development

The manufacturing industry has a relatively long industrial chain, and if it involves self production and self sales, all involved systems are still very extensive. The relevant manufacturing management systems that can be used in the manufacturing industry include: 1. The production management system mainly includes various links in the production process, which can facilitate enterprises to understand the production situation, inventory situation, automatically generate production ingredient lists, track the entire production process, scientifically manage production materials, and also help enterprise managers effectively control production costs, timely understand product output and inventory business details, Identify existing problems, avoid inventory backlog, and achieve rapid market response.